The Past and the Future of Turkey’s Kurdish Solution Process


Close cooperation with the AKP has cast doubt on the sincerity of the Kurdish movement’s often pronounced belief in democracy, given the AKP’s record of undemocratic and rights-violating policies. As long as the Kurdish movement backs the AKP in order to further its goals, it will be ceding to Erdoğan’s authoritarianism and injustices. The movement cannot argue that it is fighting for democracy and civil rights while cooperating with a regime that is increasingly attacking them by the day.

Given considerations for continued cooperation and the consolidation of Erdoğan’s presidential rule, the Kurdish movement will have to ask itself how it played a role in consolidating the repressive regime prevalent in Turkey today, that it often criticizes, threatens, and protests. Beyond doubt, this will require a clarification of what ordinary Kurds want out of the process.

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